Serenity Lawn Service provides Turf and Ornamental Service to the Atlanta area and surrounding communities.  Customers include homeowners, businesses, landscapers and maintenance providers, property managers and schools.  We use an Integrated Pest Management Model to address plant pests in lawns and landscapes; which puts an emphasis on keeping your lawn and landscape healthy allowing us to minimize the need for pesticides.

Website Images

Bermuda Turf: Midtown Atlanta

We bought our logo.  Aside from that, the images are pictures of turf and ornamental plantings usually taken by a cell phone, uploaded to a computer, watermarked to protect them from being reused and then published to provide you with a real sense of what your lawn can look like if you choose Serenity Lawn Service.


For most of our pictures, if you click or hover over the image, you can see specific information about where it was taken, the type of turf or plant, and information about the turf or planting that may help you with your own selection or maintenance.

Required Licensure in the State of Georgia
Applicator License



Required by the State of Georgia to apply any Pesticide (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, etc.) commercially

Commercial Pesticide Contractor 



Required for Commercial Pesticide Application.  This license protects the consumer as it requires that the service provider have both a licensed applicator and have financial backing (through insurance, bonding or reserves)