Round 1
Dormant Oil:  This application smothers insect eggs from pests such as Aphids, Whiteflies, Soft and Armored
Scale, and Mealy Bugs.
Round 2
Spring Fertilization:  This application provides more than just basic fertilizer applied over the bed; we use
both drench & injection techniques to directly feed the root zone.  Furthermore, we use the highest quality
fertilizers available to avoid leaching, and ensure that all the nutrients needed for peek performance are available
to your plants throughout the season.  We also use a variety of micro-organisms such as
Bacillus Spores, Rhizobacteria, PSB, Mycorrhiza Fungi, and more to ensure maximum nutrient and water
uptake and to improve the soil in the root zone, and increase the fixation of nutrients throughout the season.  
Round 3
Foliar Fertilization with Insect & Disease Control:  This treatment provides Iron, Magnesium, Manganese,
and more directly to the foliage for color and improved leaf function and health; while providing control
insects such as Bagworms, which e
merge on Leyland Cypress in mid to late Spring, as well as targeting
Aphids, Scale and other insects while they are most vulnerable.  
Round 4
Insect and Disease Control:  This treatment targets disease activity, which the plant is highly susceptible to
during periods of new growth, coupled with high humidity.  It also continues the use of highly systemic and
residual insecticides to prevent Scale, Spider Mite, Lace Bug, and Aphid infestations.
Round 5
Insect and Disease Control:  This treatment focuses on adult insects, such as Japanese Beetles, which
(unlike many other pests) only feed on your Shrubs as adults, as their eggs are laid in the soil and the grub
phase is spent feeding on roots from any number of sources, including nearby lawns.
Round 6
Insect and Disease Control:  This treatment focuses on Fall Insects, such as Fall Webworm, which begin to
form large webbings (usually in Birch, or Pecan trees) and feed heavily on the foliage of the tree.  
Round 7
Fall Fertilization:  As shoot growth ceases each Fall, your trees and shrubs roots will maximize their efforts
to take in nutrients and necessary fertilizers.  This seems backwards, as we are accustomed to fertilizing plants
as they grow, but for trees and shrubs, nutrients are primarily absorbed and utilized during the Fall through
early Spring, prior to shoot growth in the first flush of Spring.
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