Weed Control Results
-Great job on the property. It was good
to see dead & dying weeds when we cut it
yesterday.  Here is another potential
-Landscape Client

The email above was received after 1 week,
scroll over the picture to see the 2nd image,
which  was 10 days after the treatment.
Centipede in Newnan GA
St. Augustine in Riverdale GA
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Annual Bluegrass Weed Control
Atlanta Fescue during Summer
Weed Control Atlanta
This photo of a Fescue lawn
was taken in mid-summer.  
There is no irrigation
system, just good mowing
practices and our lawn
This photo of a Centipede
lawn was taken in early
summer.  Centipede has the
advantage of being slow
growing, but it is also very
sensitive to environmental
stresses and improper
This St. Augustine lawn has
a very dark appearance, but
is very sensitive to cold
winters and certain types of
herbicide.  Our program
helps avoid winter injury and
gives safe weed free results.
In the photos above we highlight the property lines as they are a
clear indication of how well our applications work.  From left to
right, the Bermuda in Summer is after 2 applications (the neighbor
immediately signed up), the Bermuda in winter shows how well our
pre-emergent prevents Poa Annua, and the Fescue in mid-Summer
shows off how resilient Fescue in Full-Sun can be when treated
properly, as neither side was being supplemented with irrigation.
Before & After Photos below
Hold your mouse over the image to see
the results and click if nothing happens.
Fescue Lawn Buckhead GA
This Zoysia lawn has
excellent turf density.  Our
Zoysia programs differ
significantly from those of
most service providers.  
Mistakes in herbicide
selection and fertility often
lead to thatch problems and
poor root performance.