Round 1
Spring Pre-emergent: It includes a broad-spectrum pre-emergent to prevent weeds from
germinating and additional post-emergent herbicides to clean up any winter weeds found.
Round 2
Spring Fertilization & Pre-emergent: Provides pre-emergent and post-emergent weed
control, but also begins the Spring fertilization based on your grass type.  
Round 3
Spring Transition Feeding & Crabgrass attack:  This round provides a pointed attack on
Crabgrass, using the highest quality crabgrass preventer available.  Even if you have crabgrass
starting to appear, this pre-emergent will take care of it before it matures.  The treatment
provides fertilization to promote the color and turf density to help your lawn stand out in the
Round 4
Early Summer Feeding:  This round provides the nutrients and fertilizer needed for Summer
growth.  The technician will also be checking thoroughly for any Summer weed escapes, or
perennial weed activity such as Nutsedge.  Perennial weeds can not be prevented with
pre-emergents, so the technician will treat these if they appear during the growing season.  
Round 5
Mid-Summer Feeding:  As lawns struggle with high temperatures, this treatment gives them
both nutrients and additives like humic acids, to promote the highest water retention.
Round 6
Late Summer Feeding:  This round provides the late season nutrients for Summer lawns, and
micro-nutrients and Potassium to cool-season lawns.  As the daylight period begins to shorten,
each turf type will react accordingly; this treatment will be in sync with the turf's changes.
Round 7
Fall Pre-emergent & Fall Feeding:  This focuses on Fall weed control and winterization with
Potassium for warm season turf.  Cool season turf will be fertilized to promote Fall growth, and
prepare for seeding if needed.
Round 8
Late Fall Feeding & Pre-emergent:  We continue to focus on preventing winter weeds in
warm-season turf, while providing Potassium for an early green-up next Spring.   Cool-season
turf will be fertilized to promote new growth, focusing on root development for freshly seeded
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